Release Year: 2017
Studio: BratPrincess
Cast: Chloe, Lizzy Lamb
Genres: Femdom, Lesbian Domination, Humiliation, Human Ashtray, Spanking, OTK, Punishment
Video language: English

Lizzy enjoys a cigarette while taking a little break. She is not allowed to smoke inside, but Lizzy can’t help but bend the rules because she is very addicted to smoking. Lizzy borrows Natalya’s human ashtray without asking Natalya for permission to use it. Even though she knows that it’s probably not ok to borrow Natalya’s things without asking, she just can’t help but sneak in a smoke. Lizzy enjoys the cigarette and uses the ashtray slave’s mouth with indifference. An ashtray slave is just an object to all the women in the household.

Just as Lizzy is putting her cigarette out on the ashtray’s tongue, Natalya storms in. She can smell that Lizzy is smoking. Natalya has warned Lizzy several times not smoke inside and to not use her things without asking! She is very mad at Lizzy. She’s especially mad because Natalya also found a red hair in her hairbrush earlier. You know who doesn’t have red hair? Natalya. You know who does? Lizzy. Natalya was looking for Lizzy to yell at her about using her hairbrush without permission but couldn’t find her because Lizzy was hiding away with her human ashtray, smoking!

Natalya is so mad. She holds Lizzy down and punishes her with a spanking from the hairbrush that she should never have used. Natalya tells Lizzy that she is actually being very generous to correct her bad behavior with the hairbrush spanking. She makes Lizzy thank her for giving her a proper punishment to set her straight. Lizzy cries and thanks Natalya for the spanking. She understands it’s for her own good. Natalya spanks Lizzy until her ass is as red as the strand of hair she found in her brush. Then, Natalya makes Lizzy kiss her black boots and thank her for the lesson.

After the spanking, Natalya wants to smoke a cigarette. She uses the same human ashtray that Lizzy is not allowed to use. She keeps Lizzy on a collar and leash nearby and makes her light her cigarette. Lizzy has to watch Natalya enjoy a cigarette but is not allowed to have one herself. Instead, Natalya blows second-hand smoke in Lizzy’s face. If Natalya finds Lizzy breaking the rules again, she will be to serve as Natalya’s ashtray herself. Lizzy definitely does not want to be a human ashtray. It would be even more degrading than her current position. She promises Natalya that she will do better to follow the rules. Natalya puts her cigarette out on the ashtray slave’s tongue, then drags Lizzy out of the room by her collar and leash.

Format: mp4
Duration: 15:06
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 9681kbps
Audio: 280kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

Lizzy Lamb

Category: Femdom
Published on by Basurman

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