Absolutely gorgeous Dannii and Carley are sexy uniformed college babes looking for a bit of an adventure while bored on their half term hols. Now, ordinarily they might have gotten changed into more casual attire when on holiday, however, not at Borderland Bound. Here the girls dress as you want them to be dressed, replete with tight fitting shorts and skirts, cute little socks and loafers and neck ties. And here the ultra-cuties are now, sneaking into the Old CrispyShreddedBeef Place while the evil owner is thought to be away on business. The girls (wouldn’t you have guessed it?) are amateur sleuths in their spare time and are looking to bust a mystery or two. This one revolves around some missing Toby mugs, gone from the local tavern. It is believed that the guy behind it is the owner of this very place, and that he is currently under the protection of the even worse Count WigFluff. Now the Count has some truly shady dealings going on and is rumoured to be rather fond of the sexy young ladies to boot. Would it not be just AWFUL if he got his mitts on them? Let’s hope they don’t get captured! But the girls are not in any way alone here and are being stalked through the halls by the depraved occupant (not really away on business) Martin LemSip, who intends to snare the nosy little tarts and keep them as an offering for the Count when he comes round for dinner at 8pm. Carley is the first to be nabbed, handgagged and bundled away before Dannii gets a chance to hear her dramatic fall from her perch. Wending his way through the secret passageways threading throughout the house, the bad bastard gets the drop on Dannii the same way. The girls are quickly trussed up and very tightly cloth over the mouth gagged in a sinister attic room and left to mumble and squirm before being hogtied and stripped barefoot. We wonder why.

Format: mp4
Duration: 19:59
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 1580kbps
Audio: 151kbps

File size: 254.2 MB

Around A Creepy Mans House and He Tied Us Up In His Attic – hd 720p

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